Coping with HIV

Being diagnosed with HIV is terrifying and over whelming not only for the individual that has been afflicted with it but their loved ones as well. It creates many different emotions that have to be dealt with. These include fear, anger, and

The fear revolves around the worry about how the HIV is going to affect the individual’s quality of life, and if and when it will turn into AIDS. Then there is the concern about how those around them are going to react to the diagnosis in regards to their own fear and lack of knowledge about HIV. Many people still have the wrong perception of HIV thinking that it can be spread through touch or is airborne.

Often those that are diagnosed with HIV are embarassed about the disease because it is considered a sexual disease.

It is imporant that the person with HIV deal with their emotions first so they can then cope with any physical symptoms that may be present. It now becomes a real priority to maintain good health and adopt a healthy lifestyle. HIV weakens the immune system so individuals with this have to make sure that they eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest. They should not expose themselves to individuals who have other types of infections like colds or flus, o any others.

Having people around them that are going to support them both mentally and physically is important to helping them fight this disease. There are many different treatments that are now really effective for keeping HIV in control, but like any medication there can side effects and HIV sufferers may need help and understanding when dealing with these.

One of the big fears is that the HIV will go into the latter stage which is AIDS and this is terrifying for them and their loved ones. It is important to keep them thinking with a positive attitude so they will continue to fight the HIV.