What Causes HIV?

HIV is a virus that can be spread through contact with blood that has become infected with the virus and also through infected semen and vaginal fluids. Many people are under the impression that they can get HIV through the air, or if sohivaidsmeone with HIV touches them. Its this type of false thinking that has led many that have been afflicted with this disease to feel ashamed and embarrassed.

It is reported that the majority of individuals that contract HIV do so as a result of unprotected sex, but as said it can also be contracted through blood, and it can also be contracted through sharing needles that have been used by someone that has been infected with this virus.

There is also fear that a person could get the disease if they were to kiss someone with HIV but again this is a fallacy. The HIV is not able to survive very well outside of the body so it can’t be spread by coming into contact with something that a HIV sufferer touches.

HIV can be spread through sexual encounters such as intercourse or oral sex. This is as a result of the infected blood or body fluids entering the body of the unaffected person.

Blood transfer of the disease is normally the result of blood transfusions. This has been well addressed now with proper screening procedures for HIV being set up in the Hospitals and blood banks across many countries.

Illegal drug users can be at risk for contracting aids if they are in the habit of sharing contaminated needles and syringes that have been used by a person with HIV.

Another major concern about the spread of this disease is from a Mother who could infect her unborn child during delivery or for the new babe that is being breast fed by a HIV infected Mom. The good news is that those Mothers who are receiving treatment during their treatment are dramatically lowering the risk of the baby becoming infected.